Corporate mission

ConCab Kabel GmbH in Mainhardt bei Schwäbisch Hall

Brand philosophy

For the past 30 years ConCab has supplied customers and distributors worldwide, primarily from the machine engineering, automation, electrical engineering and electronics industry.

Our corporate mission is to build and maintain long lasting partnerships with our customers – for mutual benefits. To accomplish our “mission” we dedicate ourselves to responding quickly and flexibly to our customer’s needs and to meeting and exceeding all expectations in terms of product and service quality.

More about us

Reliability, endurance and flexibility are the main features of our products. We think long-term constant product quality, is a prerequisite for positive branding. This is what our customers can rely on. We ensure high quality by means of our own product development, long-term agreements with manufacturing plants in Europe (mainly in Germany and Italy), in-house quality assurance and regular review with our manufacturing partners.

Frequent workshops with our suppliers ensure that our products are always state-of-the-art and comply with all regulatory and environmental requirements.

Verantwortung für die Umwelt - ConCabBy involving our suppliers in our environmental policy we are reducing our impact on the environment. Our good relations with our suppliers are reflected by their willingness to participate in waste management planning.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to build a base of enthusiastic and loyal customers. In order to reach this goal each employee is committed to consistent customer relationship management and customer focus.

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Employee satisfaction

Our employees are our greatest asset. We fully embrace our social responsibility towards our staff. The result is a low turnover rate and longtime loyal employees.

Developing young professionals / social commitment / sponsoring

We invest in our company’s future. Every year we educate trainees in various fields, providing them great opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Every year we sponsor charitable and cultural projects and organizations in the region. Our staff is actively involved in selecting the charities.

Since 2014 we have supported the Delta Racing team of the Mannheim University which is successfully competing in the annual Formula Student. Our cables provide for fast and reliable connections in their electric and ICE racing car.