#12 Final exam and then?!

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Final exam and then?!

3 years of training passed quickly and the exam period was getting closer and closer, so in May I visited every department of the company again to refresh my knowledge in the different areas.

The written exams took place over three days at the vocational school and in June it was clear that I had passed them. So my focus was then on preparing for the oral exam, where I was also supported by my colleagues.

The oral exam took place at the IHK in Neckarsulm. The auditors were friendly and made it easy for me to get started with small talk and asked me about ConCab. I was then allowed to choose a task, which I had 15 minutes to complete. The question round dealt with topics such as “Incoterms” and “Payment burden”, but I was also asked about marketing with “Portfolio and ABC analysis”.

After the examiners had briefly conferred, they could already tell me that I had definitely passed. Of course, that was a reason to celebrate.

Later I received my certificate in the mail and since 17.07.21 I am now officially a qualified merchant for wholesale and foreign trade.

But this is not the end of my career at ConCab – I have been taken on in the export department, where I will be taking care of the worldwide sales of our products and our customers together with my colleagues. I am looking forward to the new challenge and especially to the contact with international customers. My goal is to further develop my communication skills in English and to deepen my product knowledge through sales.

Let’s have a good cooperation!