ConCab kabel GmbH Azubi-Tagebuch Mainhardt Lehrling Ausbildung Erfahrung

How did you get started ?

First I was allowed to watch how goods are registered with the courier service and the freight forwarder. Then the girls from processing showed me how to write invoices and book orders. Sandra and Antonietta also explained what I have to pay attention to when registering and invoicing. For example, that you have to be careful with the minimum quantity surcharge and the freight costs.

During the first week, I was allowed to register shipments with the courier service myself. This is done via a company account directly in the courier service’s online portal. You need the information such as order number, final amount in €, dimensions of the package, weight, delivery address, pickup address and pickup time. After registration, the tracking number in the booked delivery bills must be deposited with us in NAV, the shipping receipt and the shipping documents for the package must be printed out and brought to the warehouse.

What comes easy to you and what was more difficult ?

When I first heard about invoices, registrations, switchboard and reception – the tasks in order processing – I thought: Oh dear, too much!
And especially making phone calls made me nervous, and I got muddled up more often. But with a few repetitions, that went away and I’m now benefiting both in business and in my private life because I now know how to organize myself.

I also like seeing how the departments are linked to each other. I’ve got a better overview and it’s easier for me to understand why certain processes are done and how.