#9 … and when mistakes happen?

ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Ausbildung Azubi-Tagebuch LehrlingWhat happens if mistakes occur?

Since I actually had zero experience as an office person, everything was a lot for me at the beginning, no matter whether it was tasks or information. But as time went by, I gradually learned the job. Ms. Recano was my training officer and she gave me tasks that I was allowed and able to work on. At first, I looked over her shoulder during all the processes and wrote everything down. But now back to the actual question: “What happens if I make a mistake?

I can list a few things here:

From offers, the prices are entered into the EDP, and the offers are then saved and filed digitally – in the beginning, I forgot to file the offers, but no one took it against me. My attention was drawn to it and I did it later or we did it together.
Order confirmations have to be checked and filed. In the beginning I often overlooked something, for example entering the order confirmation number in the EDP for the respective order or sometimes I didn’t know where the respective delivery date was noted. Here, however, everything was shown to me in detail and even several times.

So to the question of whether it’s bad to make mistakes: No! Because that’s why you learn, and besides, you’re in training to learn, but also to gain experience in how to deal with mistakes. If you make a mistake, recognise it and look for solutions, it’s half as bad as saying nothing at all. It costs money, time and you don’t know how to do it better for the next time.