#10 department TECHNICAL SUPPORT

ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Azubi-Tagebuch Ausbildung Trainee Entwicklung Sonderleitung TechnikWhat was your experience?

My first impression of the technical department was totally positive: It’s not “just” cables and wires, because there’s a lot of technical data behind it. Data sheets, cable colors and lots of different standards have to be taken into account.

Mr. Kümmel, who is responsible for special cables, showed me various cables and explained what makes them different. Being able to touch the cables and see the internal structure live was totally exciting. The cable samples also gave me a better understanding of how the cable should look like, based on the cable description.

What kind of work did you get to know?

Mr. Kümmel and I did a plausibility check together. This means that I stripped the cable under Mr. Kümmel’s guidance and compared the structure of the cable on the basis of the data sheet and cable sample. This determines whether the delivered cable is constructed as described in the data sheet.