#8 Department DOMESTIC SALES

ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Azubitagebuch Ausbildung LehrlingWhat do you expect?

A friendly team and nice interaction with each other, that the employees have time for me and my questions, that I get as much insight as possible into the sales processes and dealing with customers. I’m also looking forward to learning more about the products so that I can become even more confident in my day-to-day work and in advising customers.

How do you describe your first customer meeting?

My first customer meeting was about an order where only a small quantity was available from stock and I was supposed to ask the customer if he would take this amount.
To prepare myself, I had made some notes first, so everything went smoothly: I introduced myself briefly and stated my request. Since the customer agreed to take the smaller quantity, everything was quickly clarified. I then noted the information in the order and confirmed the order.

What happens in case of a complaint?

In the very first week, I had to deal with this issue: I had inadvertently charged a customer a minimum quantity surcharge. The customer then called right away and informed us about it. When I then heard that I was supposed to clarify this with the management, I thought “OOHOOH…” But my training officer, Jürgen Horlacher, smiled at me and said, “Nobody’s going to tear your head off. It’s not for punishment, it’s just for practice – you’ll have to learn that one day anyway.” I was very relieved then and had to grin too.

I then drew up a letter of complaint and had it approved by the management. After that, the order processing department was informed and a credit note was issued. Finally, I informed the customer and the problem was solved.