#7 Department PURCHASING

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How was your training?

The employees introduced themselves to me and gave me an open and warm welcome.
Together we discussed the training documents that are specified by quality management. I was able to ask my questions, which were answered by the purchasing department.

Mrs. Brigitte Recano was responsible for me in purchasing. Due to her many years of experience and knowledge she is the perfect contact person for me. I was allowed to watch all processes in the purchasing department and also to handle small procedures myself.


What were you allowed to do independently?

I was shown how purchase orders, inquiries, quotations and order confirmations are processed and recorded in the ERP system and with time I was allowed to get into the purchasing processes myself.
From my training time in the purchasing department I also took the knowledge about work processes such as the control of order confirmations and offers, processing of purchase complaints or purchase requests and much more.
In the purchasing department I had a lot of fun, since the activities are familiar to me in the meantime and the cooperation with my two colleagues, Mrs. Kemppel and Mrs. Recano, turned out to be super teamwork.