#6 Department WAREHOUSE

ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Azubi Tagebuch Ausbildung Lager Großhandel Kauffrau KaufmannWho cared for you and what were your jobs?

I was supervised by team leader Hans-Peter Tausch, but the other team members were also very kind. They showed me a lot – also some cool tricks on the table soccer 😉 – and answered all my questions.

In the beginning I watched a lot and slowly approached the activities. But then I was allowed to use the packing list and the MDE device to make the first cutting orders at the cutting machine, print packing lists, pack and secure the goods.

What were you allowed to do independently, what were you not allowed to do?

To be honest, I was allowed to do a lot of things on my own very quickly, e.g. cutting cables into rings at the ring machine, packing up the packages, printing packing lists, taking goods from the storage shelf. Only forklifts I was not allowed to drive for safety reasons, because I do not have a forklift license.