#5 The first working day

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How was your first day at work? What do you keep in mind?

I already knew my training plan for the entire 3 years, so I knew that the first 6 months of my training would take place in the warehouse. On the first day I was welcomed by my trainer Thomas Kailer and also by our quality management. After I had received all training plans and documents from the management, I was introduced to the boys in the warehouse.
Stock manager Hans-Peter Tausch and his team showed me step by step all activities and routines, so that after only 3 weeks I felt very comfortable and familiar in the warehouse. I now know how to handle an order, how to deal with the delivery papers and packing lists, how to cut cables with the machine and also where the goods are located in the warehouse shelves.

Have you been very excited?

On the first day you are excited, of course. But all colleagues were very friendly and open-minded towards me: Whether it was about the welcoming and “introducing oneself” in the morning, spending the lunch breaks together, having my questions answered and also the daily routine in the company is well organized and structured. In addition, the first department of my training was the warehouse. Although all of them are men there, “the boys” were quite relaxed, easygoing and helpful. I felt comfortable and well welcomed right from the start.