#4 Application and interview

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What was written in your application?

My application was very objective and motivated. You should keep your cover letter short and to the point, but with all the relevant points. But in general the most points were as usual: a cover letter with CV and photo as well as certificates (school, work and customer orientation certificate).

How was your job interview? 

I was quickly invited to the interview by ConCab and from then on my concerns about the half-hour commute to work were resolved. I think my application for ConCab was interesting because I actually came from a different industry (retail) and people were probably asking themselves: “Why now in wholesale and foreign trade and not in retail? Well, you already know this from my previous stories and so I explained it to the management of ConCab as well. In the beginning, Mrs. Pichler and Mr. Kailer (management of ConCab) were still skeptical, but due to my conviction and motivation, we could quickly agree on a trial day.

The trial day included all the runs through the internal processes at ConCab to get an insight and at the same time to see, if I was made for this position. I enjoyed the day very much, got a lot of information and the feedback was positive throughout. Just as the management conveyed it to me and as I experienced it myself through working with the collegues, I can personally confirm that ConCab is a very familian company. For all open questions, everyone is there for me and supports me.

Just one week after my trial day we met again and signed the training contract. You could say that ConCab saved me from the bad situation and at the same time gave me the chance to learn my desired profession. Coincidence or destiny?