#3 Why did you apply for ConCab?

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How did you come to ConCab? Why did you apply here?

I wanted to work in the wholesale sector as early as the 9th grade, so I completed my secondary school leaving certificate at the commercial vocational school in Schwäbisch Hall to be one of the qualified applicants.

To be honest, however, after school I first worked in retail to earn money. As a result, my then employer knew me well and offered me a training position. Many things had been in the works for a long time, even though I had been promised an apprenticeship. In the end, the company came up with the idea of training me in Stuttgart, even though the training contract for Schwäbisch Hall was already valid…
Therefore I decided to leave the company and concentrate on my actual desired profession in the wholesale and export trade.

I came across ConCab through my research on the Internet and on the portal of the Agentur für Arbeit. From then on, ConCab was part of my list “Send application there!  I then immediately applied for a job at ConCab. It was great that ConCab responded directly to my application and I got an invitation to an interview.