CC-Summer Party 2020

ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Sommerfest Grillen Kicker Team Platz2ConCab kabel gmbh Tischkicker Team Gewinner Grillen Sommerfest 2020ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Sommerfest 2020 Grillen Team Kickern Tischfußball









On August 7th we celebrated our CC summer party in the most beautiful sunshine, after we unfortunately had to do without the big inauguration party of the new office building due to Corona. But nevertheless, we as ConCab team spent a comfortable evening and at least the new football table was properly inaugurated. We fought hard for the victory, gave nothing to the opponent and still the motto was “being there is everything” and so everybody had a lot of fun.



ConCab kabel gmbh Mainhardt Team Tischkicker Sommerfest 2020


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