sps ipc drives in November 2016


SPS IPC Drives in Nürnberg is the exhibition for electric automation technology . It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.


ConCab as a service-oriented supplier of cables and wires with a focus on moving applications also presents at the SPS fair its products for automation . Among them are this year highly flexible cable types that open the door to INDUSTRY 4.0 with high data transfer rates :


CC Servoflex PUR-DSL-584 (for HYPERFACE DSL® system,  trademark of SICK AG)
CC-Schleppflex® Ether-Bus-C-(TP)-471 CAT 6 and CAT 7

Visit us from 22 – 24.11.2016 at the SPS IPC in Nürnberg.

We look forward to welcome you at our booth 6-156.


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